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I’m learning to play the guitar next semester, but I’m spending all of my time practicing in my room because I don’t want to attract the wrong kind of people. Fickle broads who go for the guy with the guitar can screw off. I’m doing this for the music because I want to understand the concept of rock and roll better.
 I can just see it now while I’m coming back from class with a guitar in its case slung over my shoulder.
“Hi, there. Is that a guitar you’re carrying?”
  • “No… No, it isn’t. It’s just something that looks like and weighs the same amount as a guitar. Go away.”
    I will also be taking music appreciation and screen writing instead of fiction writing. Yes, I will get that requirement changed. If I’m paying ten thousand dollars for the semester I expect for my needs to be met.
    I expect to have mastered Running With the Devil, Dr. Feelgood, Rock of Ages, You Give Love a Bad Name, Welcome To the Jungle and Over the Mountain by the end of the semester. I’m not ambitious… Eddie Van Halen, Mick Mars, Steven Clark, Richie Sambora, Slash and Randy Rhoades all rolled into one. Bwahahaha! And to a lesser extent Vernon Reid and Traci Gunns. I would also like to learn Cult of Personality and Never Enough. The 1980s metal guitar anthems and masters.