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Do I hear a heavy drum beat with really bluesy guitar? Yes, I do! My favorite Led Zeppelin song, the mighty When the Levee Breaks. This song will make your hair stand on end for seven minutes. I was glad to hear it during the preview for one of the movies at the last Oscars. This song has the misfortune to come from the same album, Led Zeppelin IV, as Stairway To Heaven. Levee is frequently over looked because of Stairway the way Let It Rock by Bon Jovi is frequently over looked because three other songs on Slippery When Wet that were much more popular. However, I feel that Let It Rock and When the Levee Breaks both deserve their recognition as some of the best rock songs. Only recently have I started getting an adequate assessment of what it was like to actually be there by talking to people who lived the rock and roll life style during the 1970s with the sex, drugs and rock and roll. I was talking to one person while I was down in Georgia, the father of one of my best friends named Hudson who I was visiting for spring break. Hudson was working and I was sitting around the house with not much to do when I hear this song coming from the study of Mr. Doty. I go to his office and find out that we have the same favorite Led Zeppelin song, When the Levee Breaks, which led to us talking about rock and roll for two hours and listening to many different blues songs. It was very informative for me, it led to me having a good connection with someone I was sure would dislike me and it was all made possible by When the Levee Breaks.