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Many people already know about the Beatles and their career since they were one of the most popular music groups ever, but what happened to them shortly before the break up and afterwards.

The Beatles made most of Let It Be before Abbey Road, but they released Abbey Road first. Abbey Road was performed and recorded before a live audience, but at this time conflict was starting to develop between the Beatles. Harrison, who was tired of negativity from Lennon and McCartney, brought in a keyboardist named Billy Preston to perform with them on Get Back, a song intended for another album called Get Back that was never finished. Preston was the only musician given credit for making a Beatles song along with the Beatles. Tony Sheridan was the only other musician to make a song with the Beatles, but the Beatles were credited as the Beat Brothers at the time instead.

The Beatles released Let It Be as their last album in 1970, which was the only Beatles album to get negative and sometimes hostile reviews from critics due to the Beatles sounding very distant and melancholy on the album. However, a couple of songs such as I’ve Got a Feeling and Dig a Pony were praised as good hard rock and Let It Be was praised as well.

The Beatles continued to make some solo albums in the 1970s. They would occasionally collaborate with each other on each other’s records. They also appeared in a movie with Peter Frampton called Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band that turned out to be a disaster.

Lennon was murdered in December of 1980. The other Beatles made songs as tributes to Lennon such as All Those Years Ago, which was an original song by Harrison, that he rewrote for Lennon. McCartney made his own tribute song called Here Today for Lennon. The Beatles made the compilation called Past Masters and got rid of their other compilations. The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame in 1988, but Paul McCartney did not show up because he did not want to advertise a false reunion of the Beatles.

Paul McCartney would not be the only one to skip going to the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame. The Sex Pistols sent an insulting letter when they were invited, Ozzy Osbourne said he would not want to be inducted again with his solo career after Black Sabbath was inducted and Axl Rose did not show up with Guns and Roses when they were inducted. Paul McCartney probably shouldn’t have worried about advertising a reunion because outside of a performance at the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame a continued reunion without John Lennon would not be right.

in the 1990s the remaining Beatles released some live songs they had made with the BBC, made an Anthology that displayed their career and made a TV show that was based off the Anthology and watched by four hundred million people.

In the 2000s the Beatles made a one disc compilation called 1 that was the highest selling album of the decade. George Harrison died of lung cancer and Eric Clapton along with Harrison’s widow held a tribute concert for Harrison that McCartney and Ringo Starr performed at.

In the 2010s the Beatles were one of the last major music groups who did not have their catalogue released on Itunes. According to Paul McCartney it was because Itunes wanted something that they were not prepared yet to give. However in 2010 they had their entire catalogue of thirteen studio albums, Red and Blue compilations and other albums released on Itunes.