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The Beach Boys were a big group in the 1960s. They were almost as successful as the Beatles in the United States. However, the Beach Boys’ popularity started to decline during the late 1960s, which led to Brian Wilson’s condition also deteriorating. Wilson was the lead vocalist for the Beach Boys during their top career point in the 1960s.

In the late 1960s, the Beach Boys tried to make an album called Smile that was cancelled and the Beach Boys started to become irrelevant. Brian Wilson started making music for other music groups and started taking cocaine. The pressure of his many projects and addiction led to Wilson having himself inducted into an asylum in 1969.

Wilson recovered in the asylum and started making music with the Beach Boys again, but a couple years later his interest with the music group faded again and he gave his lead vocalist duties to one of his younger brothers. He also became addicted to his old vice of cocaine and some other drugs such as hashish and hard cidar.

Wilson’s father died in 1973, and Wilson locked himself into the chauffeur’s quarters of his estate for a couple of years during which time he did a lot of cocaine and smoked incessantly causing his vocals to deteriorate. The Beach Boys were dismayed with Wilson’s condition but were becoming more successful again with their album called Endless Summer. They wanted to get Wilson back into shape again, so they enlisted a therapist named Landy to help him.

After fourteen months of therapy with Landy, Wilson recovered enough to make a new album called Love You, which Wilson has described as his favorite album and had a playful, adolescent sound. Wilson used the campaign slogan, “Brian is back!” to describe his triumphant return to making music. Landy had diagnosed Wilson as being paranoid schizophrenic but later retracted the statement. Landy was fired over an argument about his pay.

In the next five years, Wilson would alternate between stable and his addictions. In 1979 he was divorced from his wife. Wilson supposedly offered drugs to his children, but the real reason for his divorce was that he still had an unstable psychological condition.

In 1982 Wilson weighed three hundred and twenty five pounds, and Prof. Landy was brought back again to help Wilson lose one hundred pounds. Wilson was cut off from the Beach Boys and his friends and family during this time. After the therapy, Wilson established a solo career.

Wilson had a break out album in 1988 called Brian Wilson, which was hampered by Landy somewhat because Landy wanted to control every part of Wilsons’ lyric writing and recording. Landy’s influence on the album was significant. Landy’s influence over Wilson was so extreme that he lost his psychology license in California and and a restraining order was put on him to keep him away from Wilson.

Wilson developed some issues from the psychological medicine that was given to him called tardive dyskinesia. He released a biography that described what had happened to him, but the biography was probably written by somebody else who was not Wilson. He also made a solo album called Sweet Insanity that sounded more likely to have come from Black Sabbath than a previous Beach Boys lead vocalist. The album contained songs about his condition that were rejected by the Sire record label but showed up on later albums.

Landy had helped Wilson through some tough times, but he had also caused problems for Wilson that would hamper him through the rest of his life.