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Hi there, and welcome to the wonderful, magical, sometimes drug induced world of Peter Gabriel. Peter Gabriel was the lead vocalist for Genesis during the 1970s until he set out on his own solo career and was replaced by Phil Collins. Peter Gabriel was most popular during the 1980s with a couple of good progressive rock songs such as Big Time and Sledgehammer.

However, the thing I best know him for was probably the most interesting, visually appealing music videos i have ever seen. In my opinion they were just as good if not better than ZZ Top’s Eliminator MTV videos, which is really saying something because those are good, too.

The way Peter Gabriel made most of his visuals in the background was by putting himself under a sheet of glass and having the visuals put in the background with technology of some kind.

He’s also got the best 1980s dance moves i’ve ever seen. Eddie Money and Billy Squier couldn’t come close to the dancing Peter Gabriel does. If I ever dance, I usually (because journalists almost never like to use absolutes) dance like Peter Gabriel with his little fist pumping, swiveling of the hips thing.