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Journey is a very popular soft rock music group from the 1970s with some big songs such as Wheel In the Sky, Separate Ways (their attempt at hard rock) and the top selling song on Itunes, Don’t Stop Believing. They were known for their good vocals and song writing, but sometimes Joe Perry didn’t seem to know how to end a song.

I don’t actually know the answer to this question, but if you could count the number of na’s at the end of this song and let me know how many there actually are, I’m guessing around fifty, then you will get major kudos for your abilities to count and concentrate to inane lyrics.

Please don’t try this as a drinking game unless it’s only Mike’s Hard Lemonade and you’re using only shot glasses because the amount of alcohol you could possibly consume by taking a drink for every na has the potential to knock a bull elephant unconscious.

I counted that they sing na around 125 times. How many did you get? To get the noise out of your head I suggest listening to something much better like Double Vision by Foreigner, Too Much Time On My Hands by Styx or More Than a Feeling by Boston. Now those are well made songs.