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Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorite music groups and the guitarist I most respect. I have listened to him for a couple of years since spring of 2011 but did not really enjoy his music until spring of 2013. He made many different sounds with his guitar, but his career was tragically cut short with his death at the age of only twenty seven like other rock stars such as Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison.

Kathy Ethingham, Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend, demanded that the case of Jimi Hendrix’s death be reopened in 1993 to find out if it was murder, but the results were inconclusive.

Before his death, Jimi Hendrix was dealing with a law suit, contract dispute and wanting to leave his old manager named Michael Jeffries. This led to a lot of frustration for Jimi Hendrix.

On September 11, 1970, Jimi Hendrix gave his last interview in his hotel room. He discussed his bass player named Billy Cox, who was leaving because he was also suffering from fatigue and starting to develop paranoia. He was asked whether he considered himself guitar king and said he didn’t let it bother him. He was asked if he thought he had invented psychedelic rock, and he said he was just looking for answers.

Jimi Hendrix was supposed to have three concerts on September 13, but they were cancelled because Jimi Hendrix’s bass player had left. Devon Wilson, one of jimi Hendrix’s girlfriends, found out that Jimi Hendrix was dating another woman named Kristin Neffer, became jealous and called jimi Hendrix on the phone. According to Kristin Neffer, who was with Jimi Hendrix at the time, Wislon sounded pretty angry on the phone.

Shortly before Jimi Hendrix’s death, Neffer visited Jimi Hendrix and he wanted her to stay with him for the night. He told her to call her boss, George Lazenby, who she was working with on a movie, for the night off. George Lazenby became angry and called Neffer a whore for shacking up with Hendrix. Could one of the less memorable Bond actors have killed the most influential guitarist?

On September 14, Jimi Hendrix talked with his manager, Alan Douglas, about the future of Jimi Hendrix’s career. According to Douglas, Jimi Hendrix was jittery and upset, when he talked with them.

The last time Jimi Hendrix played guitar in public was on September 16 at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. He was asked by a friend to play there the day before, but he was too high on drugs to be able to play.

On September 17, Jimi Hendrix stayed with his girlfriend named Monika Danneman at her flat at the Samarkhand Hotel. She took pictures of him holding his guitar and drinking tea.

Danneman was driving Jimi Hendrix back to his apartment at the Cumberland when Devon Wilson met them in the street and invited Jimi Hendrix to a party. Hendrix and Danneman were going to have tea with Philip Harvey, but they stopped at the Cumberland.

Jimi Hendrix made several phone calls at his Cumberland flat including talking to his lawyer about firing his manager and talked to his drummer named Mitch Mitchell about having a jam session at mid night.

Hendrix and Danneman had tea with Philip Harvey at 5:30 PM. Danneman became jealous of Jimi Hendrix’s attention for the two female companions that were with Harvey, and Danneman stormed out of the apartment. Hendrix went after her and Danneman yelled at him that he was “a pig”. Harvey told them to quiet down because he did not want to attract the attention of the cops. Hendrix went with Danneman back to his apartment at 10:40 PM and wrote a poem called The Story of My Life.

Hendrix went to the party Wilson had invited him to at 1:45 AM, but Danneman came to get him shortly later. Hendrix and the guests turned her away several times, but she kept coming back for Hendrix and Hendrix went with her at 3 AM.

Danneman and Hendrix stayed up at Danneman’s apartment until 6 AM when Danneman took a sleeping pill to help her sleep. She woke up to find Hendrix sleeping normally, went out to get some cigarettes and came back to find Hendrix unresponsive. She called for an ambulance to pick up Hendrix and it arrived nine minutes later.

The medics arrived at the apartment and found Hendrix alone and unresponsive in the apartment. They called for the police, and the police and medics took Hendrix to the hospital. When Hendrix was taken to the hospital they tried to resuscitate him but failed. Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitar legend ever, was announced dead at 12:45 PM in September 18 of 1970. It is still unknown as to how he died by drugs; whether he took an over dose accidentally, decided to kill himself due to all of his stress or whether somebody who had a grudge with Hendrix, probably Danneman, although possibly Lazenby, decided to kill him with the drugs.