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The Temptations were one of the biggest music groups from Mo-Town during the 1960s and had some very impressive vocals with many memorable songs that would be covered by many different music groups and played on radio stations.

The Temptations were one of the most refined rhythm and blues music groups of their day. While many other music groups sang with raw vocals and did improvisational dance moves, the Temptations wore tailored suits and did choreographed dances.

Their manager named Barry Gordy, who was also the manager for the Supremes, tried to have the Temptations appeal to both white and black audiences just like the Supremes. They had one dance called the Temptations’ Strut or Temptations’ Walk that was choreographed.

Mo-Town was an independent record label, so they had a lot of their albums sold at small record stores called “mom and pop” record stores. They had many of their songs played by small radio stations. It is quite possible that many of their early albums sold more than gold status, but the Billboard charts didn’t have the information to know for sure. However, the Temptations were heralded as being one of the best Mo-Town groups by disc jockeys.

The Temptations had a large influence on many rhythm and blues groups such as the Jackson Five with their vocals and dance moves. The Temptations’ main competition came from the Impressions and ChiLites. The Temptations focused on love songs and message songs with their music.

Songs by the Temptations were covered by many groups from Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World Is) by Duran Duran to several songs that were covered by the Rolling Stones. The Temptations were the inspiration for a movie called the Five Heartbeats made in 1991. Rolling Stone magazine listed them as the sixty seventh best music group of all time, and they were given a life time achievement grammy in 2013.

I did not like the Temptations as much as the Supremes since I started listening to them at the end of high school, but I would consider them the best guy Mo-Town group.