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What happens when you combine two of the best guitarists in the last twenty years and you have them play a song by who many people agree was the most influential guitarist of all time? Epic things occur, that’s for sure.

Slash is the guitarist from Guns and Roses and Zakk Wylde is the guitarist from Black Label Society and also the third guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. I’ve posted other songs by both of these guitarists recently. If you were impressed by either one, you might enjoy seeing them play together the extended version (not the reprise) of Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix. I posted an article on n Jimi Hendrix earlier this week, I think he is the most influential guitarist and a poster of his has a proud place usually on the wall in my room.

The only issue with this video is that Slash had some technical difficulties with his amp, so he is not as loud as Zakk Wylde. The crowd still clearly liked him playing the song, though, as can be seen when a bra is thrown on stage halfway through the song, and Slash stuffs the trophy into his pants. I wonder if that will happen when I probably see his concert at Ribfest. o_0