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Most people know who Guns and Roses are since they were one of the biggest glam metal/heavy metal/blues rock groups from the 1980s and I will be discussing them more thoroughly later on since early Guns and Roses, before Axl Rose went and ruined it all, was one of my favorite music groups.

However, what many people might not know is that one song that’s playing in Terminator 2 when a young John Connor is cruising around on his motor scooter and playing in his garage when he’s working on his motor scooter and his guardian tells him to straighten up and fly right. That song was one of my favorite Guns and Roses’ songs along with Welcome To the Jungle and Paradise City.

Many people put Sweet Child of Mine as one of the three best Guns and Roses’ songs or if you’re a real music aficionado for early 1990s rock and roll, November Rain. however, I would have to say that You Could Be Mine beats out both of those songs for the number three spot because first off Sweet Child of Mine and November Rain are both too long and sappy for my tastes.

Second off You Could Be Mine kicks some serious ass with Axl Rose’s machine gun spitting lyrics that prove he might not have been such a great person, but he really was one of the greatest vocalists around. Slash is also epic on guitar like he almost always is, and this music video is pretty cool because not only does it have Guns and Roses, but it also has some exciting scenes from a chase scene in Terminator 2. Please watch this memorable MTV music video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.