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Black Sabbath is a death metal group from the 1970s with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals and Tony Iommi on guitar. Ozzy Osbourne would eventually go off to have his own solo career and be replaced by Dio, but first he made several classic albums with Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath played a large part in influencing early heavy metal.

Here’s a song that I heard in a movie recently, of all things Hang Over 3, when they go into a room with strobe lights and try to tranquilize an Asian guy named Chow. The song fit the scene perfectly with its trippy psychedelicness.

NIB is a really groovy song from Black Sabbath’s first album. It’s not one of the most popular Black Sabbath songs such as Iron Man, heard in the new Iron Man movies as the theme song, Paranoid or War Pigs, all from their second album called Paranoid, but it is still a good rocker of a song.

I was glad to hear it featured prominently in Hang Over 3, which I thought was actually a decent movie due to changing up the plot and having some character development along with a nice reference to the cover for Abbey Road by the Beatles when all four of them are walking to the right across a street in single file.