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I Love Rock and Roll was a rock anthem made by Joan and the Blackhearts in the 1980s. There were many guy groups in the 1980s who rocked from Van Halen and Def Leppard, but one woman seemed to hold her own against all the rest.

While Heart, Fleetwood Mac and Pat Benatar expressed their feminity by singing estrogen laiden songs about guys who had caused them trouble (Magic Man by Heart) breaking up a relationship (You Can Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac) and sticking up for herself against her boyfriend (Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar), Joan Jett rocked out with the guys and didn’t care what other people thought (Bad Reputation).

Joan Jett, who I will be discussing a couple of weeks from now, was the true tomboy, rocker chick and my favorite female music group.