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At the end of this week I am finishing up my long blogs about 1960s rock and roll. I covered some of the best groups from the British Invasion such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones. I covered some of the best groups from America’s answer to the British Invasion, Mo-Town, such as the Temptations and Supremes. I also covered some of the best groups from the 1960s with guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Paige in groups like the Experience, Cream and Yardbirds. Some of these guitarists will be covered again when I move into the 1970s and discuss them in a different group. Some of the high lights I will be talking about in the 1970s are America’s proclaimed best hard rock group, Aerosmith, the second most influential guitarist ever, Eric Clapton, with his solo career and the little old band from Texas with the instantly recognizable beards and western attire, ZZ Top. However, there are more groups to come besides just them. Check it out next week while I proceed into the 1970s with my favorite rock and roll groups from the 1970s. In the words of Kaoru, “You won’t want to miss it!”