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AC/DC is a hard rock group from Australia in the 1970s. They were very successful, but they went through some hardship when their first lead vocalist named Bon Scott passed away.

In 1980 AC/DC was working on their Back In Black album. On February 19 of 1980, Bon Scott was being driven back to the house of his friend named Alistair Kinnear. Scott was drunk and on the way there he passed out in the car. Kinnear left Scott in the car to sleep it off, but the next morning Kinnear found Scott unresponsive and had him taken to the hospital where he was announced dead. Bon Scott died the same way Jimi Hendrix did by asphixiation on vomit from alcohol. Inconsistencies in the report of Bon Scott’s death led to conspiracy theories such as Kinnear did not exist.

AC/DC actually thought about quitting after Bon Scott died, but they were encouraged by Scott’s parents to continue on because Scott’s parents knew that Scott would want the band to continue. AC/DC replaced Bon Scott with Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson was actually hired because Bon Scott had seen him sing and had said that Johnson was a good vocalist along the same lines as Little Richard. Little Richard was Bon Scott’s favorite vocalist, so this was quite a compliment. Due to this, AC/DC had Brian Johnson try out as a vocalist and accepted him into the group.

With Brian Johnson as the lead vocalist, AC/DC finished their Back In Black album. It was a land mark hard rock album with big singles such as Hell’s Bells, You Shook Me All Night Long, Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution and the title track, Back In Black.

They followed Back In Black with an album called For Those About To Rock We Salute You, which was both popular and well received by critics. It had a couple of big hits called Let’s Get It Up and the title song, For Those About To Rock We Salute You.

AC/DC made a good transition between lead vocalists. AC/DC would have a couple more dips in their success, particularly in the mid 1980s, but they have remained strong until today. Back In Black could be seen as a tribute to Bon Scott because the Back In Black album cover had black funeral colors and the first song on the album was Hell’s Bells. Bells were usually chimed when somebody had died. Ironically, one of the last songs Bon Scott made before he died was Highway To Hell. With that in mind somebody might wonder whether he still would have made the same song.