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Aerosmith was a hard rock group that started in the 1970s and was called “America’s best hard rock group”. They had some trouble during the late 1970s with drugs and band members leaving. For a time they almost dropped off the radar or disbanded.

While Aerosmith was having a tour and making an album called Night In the Ruts, Joe Perry left the group. Steven Tyler collapsed a couple of times on stage from drugs and was injured in a motorcycle accident. Brad Whitford also left the group in the late 1970s. Rock In a Hard Place only sold gold status. Perry and Whitford both came back to the music group in 1984.

Aerosmith had a successful tour called Back In the Saddle but it was hampered by a couple of incidences due to drugs. Aerosmith made a new album in 1985 called Done With Mirrors that was well received by critics but was not popular with mass audiences. However, they had a big hit with Run DMC when Run DMC covered Aerosmith’s song called Walk This Way. Not only did rap become popular, Aerosmith’s career was also revitalized. Drug issues still bothered the group, so Steven Tyler and the rest of the group went through drug rehabilitation and got ready for their next album.

Their next album was Permament Vacation, which was a big success, with all three singles from the album making it into the Billboard top twenty; Dude Looks Like a Lady, Ragdoll and Angel. According to Steven Tyler, it was the first album that they ever made sober because they were cleaning up their act. Some other people helped Aerosmith write their songs. Steven Tyler got upset that Holly Knight got song writing credit for changing only one word, Rag Time became Rag Doll, but the other song writers really helped. Aerosmith then toured with Guns and Roses, which was turbulent because Aerosmith was trying to stay clean and Guns and Roses frequently “danced with Mr. Brownstone”. Dude Looks Like a Lady was supposedly a parody of Motley Crue because they were a glam metal group that dressed up in feminine looking clothing and used “dude” as every other word they spoke.

They then went on to have even more successful album called Pump with three songs that made it into the top ten and a fourth song called Other Side made it into the top thirty. The producer added some nice touches such as musical interludes for some of the songs like Dulcimer Stomp for Other Side and Water Song for Janie’s Got a Gun. Horn sections were also added to songs such as Other Side and Love In an Elevator.

Aerosmith played a couple of songs on Wayne’s World making it the number one moment on Wayne’s World. They played their first concerts in Australia and made a cameo appearance in a Simpson’s episode called Flaming Moe’s. Five years ago I did not know a thing about rock and roll and had to ask my mom during dinner who the music group was playing during the Simpsons.

Some groups like the Beatles with Yoko Ono, Mamas and Papas with irrelevance and Cream with band member arguments have experienced difficulties and distractions and never come back from it. Aerosmith was hit hard by drug addiction and band members leaving, but they managed to reform and regroup as one of rock and roll’s few come back groups.