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AC/DC was a hard rock group from the 1970s. They originated in Australia. Back In Black was a song that originated on their Back In Black album that they made right after they replaced Bon Scott, who had died from alcohol poisoning, with Brian Johnson.

Back In Black was a very fitting song for the album for a couple of reasons. First AC/DC did not know if they were going to continue the group after Bon Scott died, but with encouragement from Bon Scott’s parents they continued the group with a new lead vocalist. Second black was a fitting color to have after the death of Bon Scott.

Back In Black was featured in the first Iron Man movie with Robert Downey Jr. during a military convoy right before they were attacked. It is included on the Iron Man sound track album made comprised entirely of songs made by AC/DC. Highway To Hell would be featured during the end credits for Iron Man 2 and Shoot To Thrill would be put in Avengers when Iron Man shows up to save Captain America from the villain of the movie.