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Back In the Saddle was a hard rock song Aerosmith made for their Rocks album in the mid 1970s. The song has some heavy guitar and the message of the song is actually about a house of ill repute that Steven Tyler had visited. Back In the Saddle uses old west imagery and was featured in one of the best Jackie Chan action comedy movies he made in America called Shanghai Noon.

I first heard this song on the radio June of 2009 while coming back from the grocery store. The song interested me enough to find out more about Aerosmith and i was surprised to find out from their compilation album called Oh, Yeah, Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, how many hit songs Aerosmith had actually made. Aerosmith is now one of my favorite music groups ever because of this song.

Note: I will be featuring a song every day with whatever music group I am currently discussing that might not have been their most popular song but was the song that inspired me into checking out the group or is my personal favorite song by them. Songs will be talked about more based on perspective and less based on factual knowledge like my long articles are.