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The Doors were a trippy blues rock group from the 1960s. I am not a big fan of them because they are too serious, weird and creepy for my tastes, but one of my best friends in college and one of my room mates is a big fan of them.

The Doors were parodied on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show the Late Show with Jimmy doing an impersonation of Jim Morrison because the Doors are also one of Jimmy’s favorite music groups. A month ago Jimmy had t he drummer for the Doors on his TV show and the drummer said that they might tour again if they could get a good enough vocalist to replace jim Morrison. He alluded to having Jimmy replace Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Fallon became pretty stoked about it. It will probably not actually happen, but it was still amusing to watch them consider the idea.

Jimmy was not the only one to parody the Doors. My next door neighbor wrote a parody of Riders of the Storm that was kind of corny but also mildly entertaining. The Doors are certainly ripe for parody with how seriously they take themselves.

The actual song, Riders of the Storm, is a seven minute long song and the most quintessential song by the Doors IMO. It has some nice sound effects with rain and thunder in the background. The song is an epic ballad about what you might find on a country road at night. It’s pretty atmospheric and a has a good long guitar solo. Light My Fire also has a good long solo but the solo for Light My Fire is done with keyboards and not guitar the way Riders of the Storm’s solo is done, my favorite kind of solo.