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Abba was a Swedish soft rock group from the 1970s with an upbeat feel and a female lead vocalist. Abba was a little too soft and girlish for my tastes, which keeps them from being one of my favorite music groups (for music made by a female music performer that I like a lot more see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts…).

However, Abba had good enough vocals and song writing for me to post at least one of their songs on my blog. Mama Mia was one of Abba’s biggest songs and was featured in the movie that was recently made but I did not actually see called Mama Mia. Critics did not give the movie good reviews, but the movie shows that Abba still remains relevant today.

A cover group for Abba might actually be performing at Swedish Days in my area this June because Abba is a Swedish music group. I might not be a big fan of Abba, but I will still probably attend the cover concert if they play. Abba was still good enough with their music to make into the Rock and Roll of Fame, and unlike some groups such as Blondie and Donovan I would agree that Abba actually deserved to get into the hall of fame.