I’m sure some rock and roll and anime fans have already noticed this. You know who you are, but I noticed just in the last hour for the first time ever that In My Time of Dying sounds a lot like some of the music in Trigun.

One of the recurring background songs and the beginning of the opening for Trigun both sound like they were inspired or influenced by this song. I wouldn’t be surprised since Led Zeppelin was such an influential group. Led Zeppelin was popular all around the world and Trigun was an anime with collaboration between Japan and America. It might just be a coincidence, but it is still interesting to me.

In My Time of Dying is an eleven minute long rocker of a song that despite its long size never seems to stop rocking and entertaining. Led Zeppelin was one of the few groups that could get away with having many long, epic songs such as Stairway To Heaven, Kashmir and my personal favorite song by them, When the Levee Breaks. In My Time of Dying might not be as popular as those other songs, but it’s still worth a listen for both rock and roll and maybe anime fans.