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Boston was a hard rock group from the 1970s with one really good album, their first album, and then their career declined after that. I am not a big fan of Boston because I dislike their later albums, but their first album was really good.

Their first album had songs such as More Than a Feeling and Long Time , both of which are mind blowing classics. They also had the encouraging Peace of Mind, the rock and roll anthem Rock and Roll Band, the groovy, rocking, trippy Smoking song and Hitch a Ride with a really good guitar solo. The last two songs on the album were kind of forgettable, but the first six songs on the album were all epic works of art.

More Than a Feeling is one of my favorite songs from the album. I love how it makes me remember the past. It is an incredibly nostalgic song that I first heard while driving in my car down Roosevelt Road at night fall of 2008 when I was still a senior in high school. It conveyed quite a feeling that I will not forget any time soon.