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Ratt was a 1980s second tier, B grade glam metal group. They were not as big as Van Halen or Def Leppard, but they are still worth a look if you like 1980s metal like I do. They had a heavy emphasis on guitar and their first album called Out of the Cellar was a classic.

Morning After is an average, filler song from the album, but I really like it due to its frenetic pace and catchiness. It actually got stuck in my head while I was running today and it is still going in my head now.

One thing I love about 1980s metal is not only does it rock and entertain but also many of their songs will get stuck in your head with some of the best vocal and guitar hooks I have ever heard. Since I am still focusing on groups from the 1970s, this video is being posted ahead of schedule, but I wanted to put it down before I forgot about it.