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Gather around, everybody, and listen to the creepy story of Geezer Butler’s encounter with the devil himself. Geezer Butler was a bass player for Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath was a death metal group during the 1970s that had a tremendous influence on early heavy metal. Ozzy Osbourne, one of my favorite music artists no matter how screwed up he might be, was the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath until he was fired by Black Sabbath, replaced by Dio and had his solo career that I will talk more about during my 1980s rock blogging phase. Here is the story about Geezer Butler’s encounter with the devil and the inspiration for Black Sabbath’s song called Black Sabbath.

Geezer Butler, the bass player for Black Sabbath, was originally in a music group called Earth. During his time in Earth, he painted the walls of his apartment matte black, kept inverted crosses in his house and even went so far as to have pictures of the devil himself on his walls, probably not a wise decision. Ozzy Osbourne knowing Geezer’s interest in studying the occult gave Geezer a book about the occult. Geezer went to bed and put the book on his bedside table before he went to bed. When he woke up he claims to have seen a big, black figure at the foot of his bed. The figure disappeared and Geezer went to get the book, but it was gone. The devil supposedly took it. Now Geezer might have just lost the book and imagined he had seen the figure at the foot of his bed. We’re not sure whether this happened due to natural or supernatural factors. However, after an experience like that, if I were Geezer, I would get rid of all of the occult stuff to make sure he doesn’t have a possible return visit because the devil is bad news no matter what way you look at him.

The story of the devil supposedly visiting Geezer does make for a good, creepy story, though, best told during Halloween, and it did provide the inspiration for what many people think is one of the most classic heavy metal songs of all time along with other Black Sabbath songs such as Paranoid, War Pigs and Iron Man, the theme song for the new Iron Man movies.