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Eric Clapton is considered the second best guitarist ever by many people. He started in the 1960s with the Yardbirds, but left the group when they went in a less bluesy direction. He then joined a short lived power trio and super group called Cream and made four studio albums with them, but they broke up because the bass player and drummer were having too many arguments. From the early 1970s until now he has made the majority of his music with a solo career.

During the early 1970s Eric Clapton had issues with relationships and drugs. Pete Townsend helped Eric Clapton to get back on his feet again so as a way to pay Townsend back Eric Clapton had a part in the Who’s movie called Tommy. During the mid 1970s he made albums with songs that were more compact and had less guitar solos. This seems like a strange move since he was such a great guitarist, but he was humble.

Eric Clapton played with Jeff Beck as a double billing for the first time ever and made a live album of the concerts in 1981 at the Secret Policeman’s Other Ball. Eric Clapton also had a Christian faith that increased during the early 1980s. Eric Clapton had an embarrassing fishing incident and admitted to his manager that he struggled with alcoholism, so his manager had him take a plane trip to St. Paul where he would be kept at a treatment center. On the way there he had many drinks because he was worried that he would never be able to drink again and they practically had to carry him off of the plane. He then, against his doctors’ orders because he was not supposed to do anything that might trigger his alcoholism, made what he thought was his most forced album ever called Money and Cigarettes.

During the mid 1980s he did some touring with a member of Pink Floyd named Roger Waters who was having his solo career. He also performed at a live aid concert for charity in 1986. He made the albums Behind the Sun with Phil Collins and August. August sold on the billboard charts at number three and had the single called It’s In the Way That You Use It featured in a movie with Tom Cruise called The Color of Money.

A couple of incidents during the early 1990s plagued Eric Clapton such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, who he was touring with, dying in a helicopter crash and his four year old son named Connor died after falling out of an apartment window on the fifty third floor. Clapton made a song called Tears From Heaven that was dedicated to his son and won an MTV music video award.

At Madison Square Garden in 1992 Eric Clapton and many other notable musicians such as George Harrison and Tom Petty had a tribute concert for Bob Dylan. Eric Clapton played lead guyitar for a guitar solo for a cover of Bob Dylan’s song called Knocking On Heaven’s Dopor. Eric Clapton made an album called From the Cradle with Eric Clapton playing old blues songs with an electric guitar. In 1999 Clapton received his third grammy award for My Father’s Eyes with best male vocals.

Eric Clapton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three different times for his solo career and time with the Yardbirds and Cream. He was also ranked second best guitarist by Rolling Stone magazine.