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Elton John is a rhythm and blues musician with his own solo career during the 1970s. He’s one of the best piano players of our time and was one of the seven highest selling artists of all time. Elton John made a song called Candle In the Wind that was originally dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, but he made another version of the song in 1997 with different lyrics that was dedicated to Princess Diana, who had just died and was the highest selling single of all time. He was knighted for his endeavors with music and charities.

Elton John has raised money and awareness for AIDs foundations every since a couple of his friends died from AIDs such as Freddie Mercury. Elton John founded his own charity organization called the Elton John AIDs foundation in 1992 to prevent death by AIDs, eliminate prejudice against people with AIDs and provide services to people with AIDs. Every year Elton John has a White Tie and Tiara event with good food and elton John playing a couple of songs to raise money for AIDs prevention. Elton John has joined the Give a Damn Program to eliminate violence against homosexuals.

Elton John has received many awards and honors. he was inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame during his first year of eligibility. He was knighted by the queen of England. He was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was also given a music heritage award that was put up at the first pub he ever played a concert at. He received an Academy Award for best original song With Cant You Fell the Love Tonight in the Lion King in 1994. he has also received six grammy awards.

Not only does Elton John have some of the best music for any artist, but he has been influential in many other areas and is very well respected and honored.