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I will be starting the 1980s tomorrow with my blogging as I proceed on to the next phase. The first music group I cover tomorrow will be one of my favorite glam metal groups called Bon Jovi.

Ironically, a Bon Jovi song has just come on the radio right now called Living On a Prayer, but the first song I post for the 1980s is a much less known song by Bon Jovi called Get Ready. It was not a single and it was the last song on Bon Jovi’s first album before he became popular with Slippery When Wet, but it is still one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs ever. I first heard this song fall of 2009 during my first semester of my freshman year of college. It does not seem that long ago now…

However, the reasons I love this song are not only did it used to be one of my favorite songs before I found other good hard rock and metal songs from other groups, i still find this song both incredibiy energetic and inspiring. This song was made back when Bon Jovi was hungry for the spotlight and had not yet become a big success that would allow him to grow lazy and lackluster with his later career. This song shows Bon Jovi during his early years when he was at his absolute best and had not yet become about as big of a joke as Nickelback.

Starting tomorrow it will be some of the biggest and best bands from the 1980s for the next two and half weeks as my longest rock and roll blog phase with an emphasis on metal but also covering some other groups, too, with deeper messages than the average glam song. No matter whether its a song about romance, rock and roll, Dr. Feelgood, Mr. Brownstone, Mr. Crowley, Jesus Christ or fighting for your neighborhood, the 1980s rocked hard, and you’d better believe I am looking forward to discussing it.