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Bon Jovi is a glam metal artist from the 1980s. His first big song was Runaway on his first album. He then made a second album called 7800 Fahrenheit that did not have any big songs, but did have his darkest, heaviest, most experimental album. His third album was Slippery When Wet with three of his biggest songs; You Give Love a Bad Name, Living On a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive. He then made New Jersey, which was very western sounding and most of it was dry, dusty and forgettable but it did have a few good songs. After that, though, from the early 1990s to now it was all downhill from there. Most people focus on Bon Jovi’s later career and some people actually like his later music, but I would like to focus on his most over looked album called 7800 Fahrenheit.

The album was made in 1985 and got its name because 7800 Fahrenheit is the supposed melting point of rock. It introduced the classic Bon Jovi logo that was later used on Slipper When Wet and New Jersey. The album was made in six weeks from January to March with a producer named Lance Quinn. It was Bon Jovi’s first album to reach gold status and made it to platinum status in 1987. In and Out of Love and Only Lonely both made it onto the Billboard Hot One Hundred.

In and Out of Love starts out with some group vocals and a heavy drum roll. It’s one of the most rocking songs on the album and is about sexy shenanigans as a double entendre, one of the most typical glam metal messages. It has some catcalls about asking women to ride with them on the tour bus and is followed by one of the best Bon Jovi guitar solos ever.

The Price of Love also starts off with a heavy drum roll but the guitar is more harmonious than rocking and the vocals are more dramatic and operatic. This song is about how love can be tough sometimes that sometimes you can be in a difficult relationship but you pay a price for the person you love. The guitar solo is also harmonious and dramatic but quick and detailed, too.

Only Lonely is another dark and dramatic song about how love can be tough when somebody leaves you or you don’t have anybody to begin with. It is similar with its song message to Lonely Is the Night by Billy Squier. At five minutes it is one of the longest songs on the album. Bon Jovi sings some dramatic lyrics about how he has a “time bomb ticking in his head” and at any moment he will have a nervous breakdown from loneliness. The song has another terrific guitar solo that makes it sound like time is rushing by at a rapid pace. It is the darkest song yet on the album.

King of the Mountain is a heavy hitting rocker that returns to a more upbeat sound than the last two dramatic songs had. The entire group yells the chorus together and the guitar work for this song is the heaviest it has been on the album yet. Some of the lyrics are “working nine to five is like doing time”, which shows that it is a song about rebellion as well as having a crazy night out on the town. It is simple with its song structure but one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s just a straight ahead rocker that shows glam metal at its best.

The next song is a drastic change of pace from King of the Mountain as can be heard with its synthesizer opening. Silent Night at five minutes is another one of the longest songs on the album and is also the softest song on the album, but I will probably surprise many people when I say that not only is this power ballad one of the best songs on the album but also one of my favorite power ballads ever. Despite all of the crappy power ballads that Bon Jovi made during his later career, ironically the only power ballad by him that I actually like is on his heaviest album. The lyrics and vocals are both great and the guitar solo is so beautiful that it rocks my world and would bring a tear to my eye if my tear ducts had not dried up from lack of use. This is Bon Jovi at his truly best. Wow… Powerful. You had better hold up your cell phones and lighters for my personal favorite power ballad ever.

As if the previous top notch rocker and top notch power ballad weren’t enough, they are followed by yet another great, epic rocker called Tokyo Road with a music box and some Japanese vocals as the opening. This quickly switches to one of the best rockers on the album with heavy guitar, electric, gripping vocals and balladic lyrics about a time Bon Jovi went to one of my favorite countries, Japan. It’s another long song at five minutes but unlike Only Lonely this song does not let up for a moment and can entertain me from start to finish. This song will blow the minds of anybody who thought that Bon Jovi was too pop. It is epic ambition with song writing at its best.

The Hardest Part Is the Night starts off with some heavy guitar distortion. It relies a lot on synthesizers and the chorus is very dramatic. The guitar solo is blaring. The Hardest Part Is the Night is one of the softer songs on the album and one of the more forgettable songs on the album. It is about how being alone at night similar to Only Lonely is the hardest part of the night.

Always Run To You starts off with an epic drum beat and some guitar playing. This song has one of the longer intros on the album. It is quite a rocker and kind sounds like Run To You by Bryan Adams but is not nearly as good as that song was. This song is the fourth of five songs on the album that is close to five minutes in length but unlike most of those five minute songs this song sounds like it should have been cut down a minute. The guitar solo for this song is decent like most guitar solos are on this album but it is still an average song.

The last two songs on this album save the end of this album from being weak. I Don’t Want To Fall To the Fire is very 1980s sounding and sounds like it should have been in the sound track for a 1980s action movie with its wonderful, unique, electronic drum beat that clearly distinguishes this song from the other songs on the album. The chorus is sung really well. The guitar solo is not anything special, but it’s still a great song.

Secret Dreams is quite a rocker. The guitar is blaring through out the entire song, and the vocals are energetic. The song is about what might happen in our dreams and about a dream that Bon Jovi has of a woman he can only be with in his dreams. It is a very euphoric, trippy song and one of my favorite songs on the album. The guitar solo is one of the longer and more intricate guitar solos on the album. Secret Dreams defines the album pretty well with its hazy, deep sound.