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Whitesnake was a 1980s glam metal group. They started off as a blues rock group in the 1970s while trying to emulate Led Zeppelin with Coverdale’s vocals sounding a lot like Robert Plant. They then switched over to glam metal in the 1980s because that was a more successful genre for the decade.

Whitesnake never really had a stand out album, but their music was consistently decent and they had several good songs such as Slow and Easy, You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again, Fool For Your Loving, Judgment Day and Crying In the Rain.

They were well known for their power ballads such as Here I Go Again, which is probably their most popular song. However, one of my favorite songs of theirs and my favorite music video of theirs is Still of the Night, which starts off with a terrific guitar riff and last for six and a half minutes.