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Def Leppard was a 1980s metal group. Their guitarist was not as good as Eddie Van Halen, but I usually consider them a second Van Halen due to them sounding somewhat similar and being almost as good of a group. Def Leppard had a couple of huge albums during the 1980s with their two biggest successes back to back, a real rocker of an album called Pyromania in 1983 and the highly produced, slick Hysteria in 1988 with seven singles all released from the same album.

One of biggest songs released on Def Leppard’s Hysteria album and one of their biggest songs ever was Pour Some Sugar On Me, a real rocking, sexy song and glam metal at its best. The music video for Pour Some Sugar On Me takes place supposedly inside of a building scheduled for demolition, so while the band performs the song a woman outside starts to literally bring the house down by hitting it with a wrecking ball.

This music video and Hysteria were both made just a couple of years after Rick Allen had lost his arm. They moved Rick Allen to a speclized drum kit, so that he could continue with the group, but you can still see that he is only hitting the drums with one arm in this music video. Having a one armed drummer not only makes for a decent marketing gimmick like ZZ Top’s beards or Tommy Lee from Motley Crue playing the drums on an upside down roller coaster, I also think it’s an inspirational story. The 1980s were all about showiness, but it led to some of my favorite music groups ever such as Def Leppard.