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Motley Crue was a 1980s glam metal group. They were known for their aggressive, powerful sound. Their best album was Dr. Feelgood because they had just cleaned up their act with drugs. One of the biggest songs from the album and one of the biggest songs by Motley Crue ever was called Dr. Feelgood.

It starts out with a thundering guitar and bass sound that roars for half of a minute until they launch into the heart of the song with Vince Neil singing about a drug lord “who’s got it made” and how “he’s going to be your Frankenstein.” Before the guitar solo Vince Neil says some garbled words that make it sound like you are on drugs while listening to the song, a truly classic effect to be sure.

The song also had an intro at the beginning of the album called TNT or Terror In Tinseltown, Tinseltown being Hollywood, which was an ambulance radio talking about a kid who had just taken an over dose and might have been a reference to when Nikki Sixx took an over dose.