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Guns and Roses were a metal group during the late 1980s. Guns and Roses had a very good vocalist named Axl Rose and guitarist named Slash. They had a great first album called Appetite For Destruction. They then went on to make an interesting, short album with both live and acoustic songs called GNR Lies. They then made the ambitious Use Your Illusion albums. However, after the Use Your Illusion albums Axl Rose took more control of the group and started work on his most ambitious album by far called Chinese Democracy.

There are conflicting opinions on who had the most input with the new album. Slash said that Axl Rose wrote most of the new songs while Axl Rose said the opposite. According to Axl Rose they did not have collaboration on the new material so it got scrapped. Guns and Roses made a cover of Sympathy For the Devil for their cover album called The Spaghetti Incident. Paul Huge was brought in as the rhythm guitarist for the song, but Slash did not like him, so it caused tension in the group.

Due to troubles with recording Sympathy For the Devil and tension with Axl Rose, Slash left the group. In the next couple of years all of the band member would be fired or quit the group except for Axl Rose and they were replaced by new band members. McKagan was the last band member to leave in 1997. Many musicians joined the group and left, but there was eventually a new line up. They also had a live album released of their concert albums from 1987 to 1993.

Guns and Roses had a new song called Oh, My God released in 1999 as part of a sound track and a prelude to Chinese Democracy. Axl Rose also said that he had rerecorded Appetite For Destruction with the new line up and had replaced two of the songs with You Could Be Mine and Patience. Apparently, Axl Rose had been working on Chinese Democracy since 1994 as the only band member from the original line up and had spent thirteen million dollars with working on it in the studio. Buckethead became the new lead guitarist for Guns and Roses in 2000. After nine years of not touring, Guns and Roses had a couple of concerts in 2001 that were well received. During the touring Axl Rose said that he was disappointed that his former friends and he could not stick together like with another music group called Oasis.

They played a couple of shows at the end of 2001 in Las Vegas and toured in Europe during 2002. Guns and Roses had an American tour in 2002 but they did not show up for a couple of their concerts so some riots occurred. The rest of the tour was cancelled because of their now showing up and the riots.

Buckethead left the band in 2004, which caused them to cancel another concert. Geffen released another album called Guns and Roses’ Greatest Hits that Axl Rose tried to block and sued Geffen because they did not get his input for the songs used. Geffen had released the compilation because Guns and Roses had failed to release a new album in ten years.

In 2006 several songs from Chinese Democracy leaked onto the Internet as demos. Guns and Roses tried to have the songs taken down, but one of the songs made it onto regular radio airplay, the first Internet leak song ever to make it big on the radio.

guns and Roses had a couple more concerts in 2006. The manager for Guns and Roses was fired. The first estimated release date for Chinese Democracy was early 2007. It was then moved back to 2008 because they still had to do the mixing.

Dr. Peppar promised in a famous incident that if Guns and Roses released their album before the end of 2008 Dr. Peppar would give everybody in America a free coupon except for Slash and Buckethead. Axl Rose said that he would share his Dr. Peppar with Buckethead since Buckethead did guitar work for some of the songs on the album. Guns and Roses did manage to release the album by the end of 2008, but not everybody could get a coupon for a free Dr. Peppar because there was too much activity for the website to manage.

Three more songs were leaked onto the Internet in 2007. Guns and Roses got a new management team Chinese Democracy was released in 2008 after nine of their songs had been leaked onto the internet and one of their songs had been featured in the game, Rock Band 2. Axl rose said that there was no chance that he and Slash would have a reunion tour, though. he did say that he would make a song or two with Duff McKagan or Izzy Stradlin.

Alx Rose sued his manager named Azoff for five million for lying about a tour Guns and roses would have with Van Halen that involved the band members getting back together again. Guns and Roses arrived for a couple of concerts late, one of which had people throwing water bottles at the stage and Guns and Roses walking off the stage.

Guns and Roses were a great group when they started, but in my opinion anything good about them died in 1993 shortly after the Use Your Illusion albums were made.