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Sammy Hagar was not only the vocalist for Van Halen from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s he also had the most successful career out of any of Van Halen’s three lead vocalists outside of Van Halen with some big songs still played many times on classic rock radio today such as the rock and roll anthems There Is Only One Way To Rock and Heavy Metal. His most quintessential song, though, was I Can’t Drive 55.

I Can’t Drive 55 was released on his VOA album in 1984 and had a music video with him trying to drive 55 but being caught by the cops for exceeding the speed limit. He then breaks out of jail and continues on his merry way. i love how the song has a guitar that sounds like its spinning like the wheels of a car and Sammy Hagar screaming his vocals is pretty good.

This song is for any of my friends out there who might have a police radar scanner on their dashboard and speeds down the Interstate at 80 miles per hour or enjoys cruising around crazily on winding, Kentucky roads sometimes during a tornado, you know who you are. llmll ^_^