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Motley Crue was a glam metal group during the 1980s. They were just as well known for their debauchery with loose women, drugs, alcohol, breaking the law and showy stage antics such as Tommy Lee playing drums on a roller coaster that would sometimes take him upside down as they were for their actual music, but all five albums they made during the 1980s are considered glam metal classics. While Van Halen and Guns and Roses had better guitarists and Def Leppard had a slightly higher number of good quality albums and songs Motley Crue might have been the most definitive glam metal group for not having a single weak album during the 1980s. It was not until the 1990s that Motley Crue made a weak album called Generation Swine and had a couple of temporary line up changes that pulled down the quality of some of their other albums during the 1990s with a couple of strong albums as a comeback in the 2000s.

In 1984 Vince Neil crashed his car while driving drunk and killed his friend who was the drummer for Hanoi Rocks. He was given eighteen days in jail and a two million dollar fine. The band would later release two live albums called Music To Crash Your Car To.

In 1987 Nikki Sixx took a fatal heroine over dose and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. On the way there he was declared dead, but a medic in the ambulance who was a Motley Crue fan gave him two doses of adrenaline to the heart, which caused him to jump out of the ambulance and run around because of all of the adrenaline. Nikki Sixx’s experience with being dead for two minutes inspired him to write the song called Kickstart My Heart, which was used in a Kia car commercial during a commercial break for the 2012 Superbowl and was in my opinion much better than the half time show they had with Madonna.

Nikki Sixx from 1986 to 1987 had a year long addiction to heroine during which time he wrote the Heroine Diaries about his experiences with having delusions that people were out to get him  and holding up in his house, which hampered the work they did for their Girls, Girls, Girls album. Girls, Girls, Girls had the breaking the law song called Wild Side, the sexy song Girls, Girls, Girls that opened with a motorcycle revving and showed their love for motorcycles, a songs about Nikki Sixx’s drug addiction called Dancing On Glass and the ever so catchy yet annoying for some people song called… the Bad Boy Boogie! Duh, duh!

In a bizarre case in 1988 a man named Matthew Trippe sued Nikki Sixx for being his doppleganger in 1983 at some concerts Nikki Sixx could not attend because he had been injured in a car crash. Matthew Trippe did not drop the law suit and leave the public eye until 1993. Motley Crue’s managers did not let them tour in Europe during the late 1980s until they had all undergone drug rehabilitation, except for Mick Mars, the guitarist and best member of Motley Crue in terms of morals, who cleaned up on his own.

After Motley Crue sobered up from drugs they had their most successful album called Dr. Feelgood, which got several nominations. Motley Crue said that Dr. Feelgood was their most solid album because of their sobriety. McGhee was fired from being the manager of the band for giving Bon Jovi, another band he managed, more advantages.

The compilation album Motley Crue made in 1991 summarizes the decade for Motley Crue the best as a “Decade of Decadence.”