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Guns and Roses were a metal group from the late 1980s. They had a great vocalist named Axl Rose and a great guitarist named Slash. Their first album called Appetite For Destruction was incredible, one of my favorite albums ever.

Half of the songs on the album were stand out songs such as the popular Welcome To the Jungle featured in Dirty Harry’s fifth movie, the classic drug song Mr. Brownstone, the classic alcohol song Nighttrain, the sexy Rocket Queen with one of Guns and Roses’ most classy moments during the guitar solo, an emotional song called Sweet Child of Mine that Slash discovered the guitar riff for on accident and my favorite song called Paradise City.

I love Paradise City because it is inspirational, rocks and has one of the best build ups ever. I love how the song starts out slow with a heavy drum beat and simple chords and then Axl Rose blows the whistle which launches this song into a bunch of blistering guitar and powerful vocals from Axl Rose.

There are several different moments in this song that Slash has some great guitar work, halfway through the song the guitar is particularly great, and the guitar solo at the end is ridiculous. Not only does Axl Rose have some great vocals, but he also has some great lyrics to work with such as the chorus, “take me down to the paradise city/ where the grass is green and the girls are pretty/ oh, won’t you please take me home”.