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David Lee Roth is best known now a days no doubt by people for being not only the original vocalist for Van Halen but also after three different vocalists the current one again. However, when David Lee Roth split up with Van Halen in the mid 1980s, he had a solo career that was actually pretty popular for the time.

David Lee Roth was known as the ultimate party guy and womanizer. He was well known for his flamboyant antics. After he left Van Halen he went out of his way to parody them with some of his music videos. In Yankee Rose we have a screwy intro with some banter between David Lee Roth and the guitar of Steve Vai over a pretty woman who they have just seen. After fifteen to thirty seconds of this they launch into the song, which is one of the most rocking, raucous, comical songs from David Lee Roth’s first and best solo album called Eat Them and Smile.

David Lee Roth also made a Mexican version of the same album by learning Spanish and singing the songs with Hispanic vocals himself, one of the few music performers to do such a thing. Eat Them and Smile is just a straight up partyish, rocking album with David Lee Roth at his most basic, comical and best during his solo career, never taking himself too seriously, which was what made this album so good.