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The Badlands were a hard rock group at the tail end of the 1980s. Jake E. Lee who was the second guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne was fired by Ozzy Osbourne after making a couple of albums with him and started this band.

They had a strong first album with Dreams In the Dark as one of their big songs. Looking at the music video for this album, you have to wonder why Ozzy Osbourne would fire Jake E. Lee from being his guitarist in the first place because you can tell that Jake E. Lee was a talented guitarist.

Ozzy Osbourne was dealing with a lot of drugs during the 1980s and can’t remember half of the stuff he did then including a bizarre music video he made for the Ultimate Sin song, so I guess firing Jake E. Lee must’ve made sense to him at the time but now looking back on it might have been a mistake.

Instead of deciding to quit, though, Jake E. Lee and the Badlands rose up through the underground ranks to be quite a cult favorite of hard core rock and metal fans. Their bluesy, southern style of music emulates Led Zeppelin. Dreams In the Dark is quite a rocker with a great solo.

After Badlands broke up Jake E. Lee disappeared completely from the public eye to make some instrumental albums in the last fifteen years. Badlands was probably the last group that the skilled guitarist was in and had any noteworthy success.