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Bon Jovi was a glam metal group from the 1980s. His first three albums were all really good, but after Slippery When Wet when he became a big commercial success the quality of his albums sharply declined for the next twenty five years. His newest album was incredibly average.

However, I wanted to post a song from my favorite album by him that still gets him a place in my top twenty list no matter how much crappy music he has made. 7800 Fahrenheit is a solid album from start to finish with half of the songs on the album as highlights from the rocking In and Out of Love and King of the Mountain to the euphoric Secret Dreams. There are epic works like Tokyo Road and songs with interesting drum effects such as I Don’t Want To Fall To the Fire. There are blazing guitar solos like Only Lonely, Always Run To You and The Hardest Part Is the Night.

It also has my favorite power ballad of all time with maybe not the most fiery guitar solo ever but it is one of my favorite guitar solos ever. Silent Night is a beautiful song, one of my favorite power ballads and one of my favorite guitar solos. The lyrics and vocals are electric. I also posted this song because I wanted some of my blog followers to hear at least one of my favorite songs from this incredible, yet highly over looked and under rated album.