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Stryper was a glam metal group during the 1980s that also happened to be Christian. They were the first Vhristian rock group to be a mainstream success and they are the only Christian glam metal group that I know of. They are also my favorite Christian music group since most Christian music I don’t like.

Stryper had many of the elements of a glam metal group such as twin guitar solos and multi octave vocals. Their drummer could be seen by the audience while he played, so he was known as a visual time keeper. Stryper got its name from the stripes that they wore on their clothes. Stryper had stripes on their clothes to represent the whip lashes that Jesus had before he was crucified.

Stryper would throw bibles to their audience during concerts. Many heavy metal groups would use the number 666, which represents the devil. Stryper would use the number 777 in retaliation to represent God. They also had pictures of 666 and the devil both crossed out. Many fans of Stryper would point one finger to heaven as opposed to the devil horns, which is two fingers.

Stryper is known as the first Christian metal band to become popular in the mainstream, but they were also very successful in Japan when they were put on a popular radio show and up out selling other big metal bands such as Bon Jovi and Motley Crue.

Many Christians opposed Stryper due to their flashy clothes and metal music, which was usually associated by Christians with the devil. Christians would protest at concerts with bull horns and New Testament pamphlets. Stryper reacted to the protests with a good sense of humor and quipped that christians were giving them the same treatment as Ozzy Osbourne.

Stryper became disillusioned temporarily with Christian music in 1990 and made a controversial album called Against the Law, which was banned in many Christian stores. Ten million copies have been bought of Stryper’s albums around the world with two thirds of the consumers being non Christians. Stryper was voted the best Christian metal group in 2011. To Hell With the Devil by Stryper with the title as a parody of Shout At the Devil by Motley Crue is considered one of the land mark albums of the glam metal movement.

Not only was Stryper influential for Christian music they were also influential for 1980s metal.