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Ozzy Osbourne was the original lead vocalist for Black Sabbath, which was a death metal group during the 1970s and had a lot of influence on early metal. Ozzy Osbourne was then fired from Black Sabbath for being addicted to drugs. It looked like the end of Ozzy Osbourne’s music career and Ozzy Osbourne was a mess until he found a talented guitarist named Randy Rhoades and Ozzy’s solo career began. He would go on to have three different guitarists for his solo career who were each different and talented. Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career is only one of two music groups along with the Yardbirds that I can think of with three talented guitar legends, although they weren’t quite as influential as the guitarists in the Yardbirds, which is a pretty much unbeatable line up.

Ozzy Osbourne joined with Randy Rhoades in 1980 and made one of the hundred best selling albums of the 1980s called Blizzard of Oz. The band name for Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career was originally supposed to have the same name as the album, Blizzard of Oz, but then it was changed to be simply Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne then made his second album called Diary of a Madman with some big songs such as Over the Mountain and Flying High Again. Ozzy Osbourne said that Diary of a Madman was his favorite album in his autobiography.

Randy Rhoades was killed in a plane crash. The pilot was found to have cocaine in his body while he was flying the plane. He decided to do a prank by flying closely over Ozzy Osbourne’s tour bus in a small plane but accidentally grazed the bus, which caused them to crash. The pilot and a hair dresser who were on the plane were also killed.

Ozzy Osbourne did his next tour with a very temporary guitarist named Brad Gillis. They recorded a live album called Speak of the Devil and a tribute album to Randy Rhoades. Speak of the Devil ended up being a bunch of cover songs. Ozzy Osbourne said that he did not like the album because he was still upset with Black Sabbath for firing him.

Ozzy Osbourne made a song with Madonna on back up vocals in 1982 called Was (Was Not). In 1983, Jake E. Lee became Ozzy Osbourne’s second of three big guitarists. They made Ozzy Osbourne’s third solo album called Bark At the Moon with the fan favorite song called Bark At the Moon. They made the music video for Bark At the Moon, which was partially filmed at a sanatorium outside of London England.

Ultimate Sin was the next album they made with a big song called Shot In the Dark. Ultimate Sin was the best selling album by Ozzy Osbourne so far. Jake E. Lee left Ozzy Osbourne in 1987. He was then replaced by Zakk Wylde who was Ozzy Osbourne’s longest lasting guitarist. Ozzy Osbourne was very successful in the 1980s and his success continued through the 1990s. He got the only grammy for his solo career for I Don’t Want To Change the World on a live album in 1994.

Ozzy Osbourne had a tour in the mid 1990s that was supposed to be his retirement tour called No More Tours, which was a parody of an album he had made called No More Tears. In 1995 Ozzy Osbourne made more music with his album called Ozzmosis and had a tour called Retirement Sucks. Ozzy Osbourne then made a compilation album in 1997 called The Ozzman Cometh.

Ozzy Osbourne has had a knack of choosing really good guitarists. From the legendary Randy Rhoades to the under rated Jake E. Lee and the guitar shredding Zakk Wylde who went on to form Black Label Society each one of them has been a positive influence to Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career.