Ozzy Osbourne was a heavy metal artist during the 1980s. His first guitarist was named Randy Rhoades. Randy Rhoades was an incredible guitarist, but he died in a plane crash after making two albums with Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne then got a new guitarist named Jake E. Lee. Ozzy Osbourne also sank into depression after losing Randy Rhoades, though, which led him to taking drugs to cope with the depression. During the 1980s he was at his absolute lowest.

He made two albums called Bark At the Moon and The Ultimate Sin with Jake E. Lee, which I thought were both pretty good, but Ozzy Osbourne was so high on drugs during the 1980s that he made a lot of irrational decisions such as firing Jake E. Lee, who was a good guitarist after making only two albums together, and making some really screwy music videos that he can’t even remember.

If you want to see Ozzy Osbourne at his absolute most drugged up and surreal then this music video is the key because it has Ozzy dressed as a Texan oil baron with an office building in Las Vegas. A woman keeps haunting him and eventually takes care of her with creepy, violent means. this video is about as trippy and weird as you can get.