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Ozzy Osbourne was a death metal music group during the 1980s who was originally with Black Sabbath. I wanted to represent all three of the great guitarists who worked with Ozzy Osbourne during his solo career; Randy Rhoades, Jake E. Lee and Zakk Wylde by rounding out the trio with Hellraiser with Zakk Wylde on guitar for this one from one of Ozzy Osbourne’s most successful albums called No More Tears.

Zakk Wylde is probably the best guitarist who is still relevant of the last fifteen years with his great guitar shredding ability. After making a couple of albums with Ozzy Osbourne he went on to have his own music group called Black Label Society, which is most distinguished by its dark sound and heavy guitar shredding with Zakk Wylde of course as their ace in the hole. Zakk Wylde was treated like a god son by Ozzy Osbourne. If the god father of metal treats the guitarist like family, he must be good.