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Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were a punk rock music group during the 1980s that were fronted by my favorite female music performer named Joan Jett. Joan Jett had a spunky voice, heavy guitar work and the quintessential, sexy, tomboyish, rocker chick persona. She influenced many female music groups who came after her. She was originally in the Runaways, which was the first ever hard rock group with all women in the group. However, she then went on to have her own solo career with the Blackhearts.

Joan Jett started the Blackhearts by putting an ad in the newspaper that she was looking for “three good men” to join her group. She soon had her group assembled. Joan Jett did some touring in Europe and came back to the United States but her drummer stayed in Europe and she had him replaced. She originally worked with somebody named Laguna, but Laguna was not able to keep up with the production of Joan Jett’s first album, so they joined up with Neil Bogart who had a new record company called Boardwalk Records.

Joan Jett had her guitarist replaced and released her first hit album called I Love rock and Roll with a single called I Love Rock and Roll, which was a cover of a song by the Arrows. Joan Jett made two more successful albums called Album and Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth. She then did some heavy touring with sold out concerts. Joan Jett made a song for a movie called Light of Day and made an album called Good Music that featured such artists as the Beach Boys and Darlene Love. Joan Jett then made an album with all cover songs called The Hit List.

Joan Jett made a song for the Days of Thunder sound track called Long Live the Night. Joan Jett moved to Warner Brothers and then made an album called Flashback for her own studio called Blackheart Records. Her studio also released songs by Metal Churck and Big Rapper Kane. Joan Jett has been called by people the God mother of Punk and the original riot grrl.

Joan Jett has influenced many women in rock and roll. She made one of the ultimate rock and roll anthems called I Love Rock and Roll. Dressed in leather, strutting on stage for concerts and playing a Gibson guitar, Joan Jett was completely a rock star. Joan Jett joined a rock music group of women called the Runaways when she was fifteen years old under the tutelage and exploitation of an infamous promoter named Kim Fowley. With their songs about sex, drugs and rock and roll, they were able to hold their own against the testosterone filled male groups of the time such as Kiss. They made five albums and the big punk rock song called Cherry Bomb.

Joan Jett was rejected by twenty three record labels before she made it big with a song called I Love Rock and Roll. While women such as Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar were playing it safe, Joan Jett decided to be one of the few women who actually pushed some music boundaries and it paid off in the end.

Joan Jett changed her hair style from black and shaggy to short and blonde in the mid 1990s. She also supports homosexuals, which has led to some people thinking that she is homosexual, too. Whether she is or not is completely certain, but there is strong evidence to prove that she is. Joan Jett performed with many different music groups during the 1990s. She also helped to raise support on America’s Most Wanted for catching the killer of Mia Zapata.

Joan Jett has helped many female music groups to do well by assisting and producing them at her record label called Blackheart Records. In recent years Joan Jett has mostly been touring and DJing on a radio station therefore influencing newer groups with older music. I would have to say that Joan Jett is one of the most influential women in rock and roll.