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Led Zeppelin is a 1970s rock and roll group. I would give them a more definitive label, but Led Zeppelin is one of the few groups that you just can’t give a label to other than the all encompassing term of rock and roll. Led Zeppelin tried out so many different genres they are almost impossible to pin down to just one. They had a great vocalist named Robert Plant, a great guitarist named Jimmy Paige and they were always trying out new and different sounds. They were the definitive music group of the 1970s.

Led Zeppelin’s best songs were mostly on the albums they made at the beginning of their career. After the first six albums, which were all great, they did decline some because their songs become longer, murkier and more pretentious. However, In the Evening is a long song from one of their later albums called In Through the Out Door that I actually really like.

In the Evening has a fantastic intro that is really trippy and then launches into a song with some of the best guitar riffs I have ever heard from Jimmy Paige and some of the most electrifying vocals I have ever heard from Robert Plant. This song is about what somebody would do in the evening whether that be doing drugs or making love.

While not a stoner myself I can tell this song would be great to trip acid on due to how incredibly trippy it is. It could also be a great song for screwing. Or if neither of those things is for you, which is O.K., you could just sit back and enjoy the song for what it truly is, one of many epic pieces of art from one of the greatest rock and roll groups ever, Led Zeppelin.