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LA Guns is a 1980s glam metal group. They had a good guitarist named Traci Gunns and a good vocalist named Phil Lewis. However, I don’t think that LA Guns would be very well known if it weren’t for the much more popular and slightly better Guns and Roses. This is because LA Guns and Guns and Roses had very close ties with band members during the mid 1980s before either of them made it big.

Axl Rose was the second lead vocalist for LA Guns with Traci Gunns on guitar. They made a four song EP called Collector’s Edition Number One, which would be released as a bonus disc with the compilation album called Hollywood Raw released by LA Guns in 2004. Axl Rose then left LA Guns to be a part of Hollywood Rose, which would lead to Guns and Roses.

Hollywood Rose broke up and Axl Rose rejoined LA Guns. However, Hollywood Rose reunited and Traci Gunns replaced the guitarist in Hollywood Rose. Hollywood Rose would then change its name to Guns and Roses since the group was a collaboration between LA Guns and Hollywood Rose.

Traci Gunns would be one of the first guitarists to have a falling out with Axl Rose but not the last, which led to him leaving the group and Slash replacing him. Duff McKagan and Steven Adler would then join Guns and Roses to form the classic line up for Guns and Roses.

Traci Gunns would reform LA Guns with a vocalist named Paul Black but Paul Black would soon be replaced by a vocalist named Phil Lewis, which would lead to the classic line up for LA Guns. LA Guns would then make their first album called LA Guns, do some touring for it and begin working on their next album called Cocked and Loaded. LA Guns would make two more albums called Cocked and Loaded with the big song called Never Enough, which is one of the few songs by LA Guns that you will still hear played on classic rock radio now a days, and Hollywood Vampires with a song called Kiss My Love Good bye.

After Hollywood Vampires, the 1990s launched into grunge music and many 1980s metal groups such as LA Guns declined in popularity and quality. LA Guns would end up as turbulent as the current line up for Guns and Roses by splitting up into two different groups both called LA Guns with Phil Lewis leading one group and Traci Gunns leading the other group. Hollywood Forever was released by one of the two LA Guns groups in June of 2012. However, it was difficult to find the only remaining copy for the obscure, irrelevant album on the shelf at Best Buy, and I quickly realized it was not nearly as good as their classic first three albums.