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While emailing a radio station about looking over my blog and possibly promoting it for “other rock and roll enthusiasts”, I heard Big Time on the radio by Peter Gabriel. I then started to think about how my blog following has grown to twelve wonderful followers and how my Facebook group page now has sixteen followers. Quite frankly, I am happy with the progress my blog has made because I now have more followers than I can count on all of my hands and feet together, which to me is a lot. So thank you, everybody, for your wonderful support.

Anyway now for the song. Peter Gabriel was a progressive rock musician during the 1980s. He was originally the original vocalist for Genesis, but he started his own solo career and was replaced by Phil Collins. Peter Gabriel is just as well known for his trippy music videos as he is for his vocals and big songs. Peter Gabriel accomplished many of the effects for his music videos by putting himself under a sheet of glass and having a computer put the visuals around him. Peter Gabriel also had some really slick moves with his fist pump and swiveling of the hips that I like to mimic when I want to dance like the 1980s. I just thought that this song is a good way to represent the way I think and hope my blog is going, towards the… big time!