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Saliva is a hard rock group that has been around since the mid 1990s, but they didn’t make it big until the early 2000s with their Every Six Seconds album featuring a couple of their biggest songs such as Click Click Boom and Your Disease.

In the early 2010s Josey Scott, the lead vocalist for Saliva, who at one time sang songs such as F*** All Y’all decided to leave the group and have a career in ironically Christian music. He hasn’t actually made any Christian music yet, but Josey Scott leaving the group has not slowed Saliva down for too long. They already have a new lead vocalist named Bobby Amaru and they’ve already almost finished their newest album, which they will be releasing probably some time this summer.

With a new lead vocalist, Saliva might go in a different direction than it has with the last couple of albums. Since Josey Scott kind of mellowed out with the last couple of albums he made with Saliva, particularly most of the songs on their most recent album called Under Your Skin, having Bobby Amaru in the group might help Saliva to return to the hard rock they were known for during the early 2000s and what is probably their best genre of music.

When I want to listen to Saliva I usually want to listen to them for some high octane music similar to something Motley Crue would make. I’m excited to hear that the new single from the album is in the typical inspirational, bad ass, hard rocking format that sounds just right for their main venue of wrestling fans and Nascar. Hopefully, the rest of the album is just as strong as this rocker of a song called In It To Win It actually is.

I will be discussing Saliva more during my next phase of blogging for the 2000s music. Also, I will be sure to write a review for what I think of Saliva’s new album when it is finally released. Hopefully, the album will be well received by critics. However, even if it is not, professional critics and I have disagreed before.