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In the next couple of days we will be covering some good funk and disco music with some African Americans who were at the top of their field during the 1980s (if you like funk that really rocks check out the group I will be focusing on tomorrow ^_^).

Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop. With the highest selling album of all time called Thriller at one hundred twenty eight million copies sold, a record for number of albums sold that might never be beat (pun unintended) it is easy to see why this statement would be made about him. It’s a great album.

Disco/funk is not really my thing, but there are some great songs on this album that I really appreciate such as a collaboration with Paul McCartney, a collaboration with Vincent Price rapping vocals for a song called Thriller, a popular song called Billie Jean and a collaboration with Eddie Van Halen on guitar for a song called Beat It. The song would go on to have Weird Al make what I think is one of his best parody songs called Eat It, and Fall Out Boy would make a cover of the song in the 2000s that was a pretty popular cover single and would make it into the Now That’s What I Call Music album series chronicalling popular music of the last fifteen years.

I don’t need to tell anybody who knows their music like I do that Beat It by Michael Jackson, the original, was definitely the best version of this song, though, because no other version of Beat It has my favorite guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, playing the guitar work for the song and no other version of this song has Michael Jackson’s great vocals or classic dance moves that make Michael Jackson look like his entire body is made out of jangly rubber. It’s not really your typical rock and roll, but this song is a great representation of why this album sold so well.