Living Colour is a 1980s African American funk metal group with a great vocalist named Corey Glover and great guitarist named Vernon Reid. Vernon Reid made it onto Rolling Stone’s list of the hundred best guitarists ever. After listening to the guitar solo in Cult of Personality it is easy to hear why.

Cult of Personality is a song about how leaders can take over if we don’t keep them in check. They make references to some good leaders such as Martin Luthor King and John F. Kennedy and some bad leaders such as Mussolini and Stalin. Vernon Reid plays some great guitar work for the song, Corey Glover sings some great vocals and the entire group energetically dances around and plays the song on a dimly lit stage.

At the end of the video they convey the message that we are like little children if we choose not to look at the trouble around us and just turn off the TV. A truly responsible person would listen to the words of Living Colour and make sure that a cult of personality never turns us all into sheep, something I have taken to heart at my college for the last year and a half.