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Billy Squier is a hard rock musician from the 1980s. He made several big songs such as My Kind of Lover with a great drum beat, the dark In the Dark, the sexy the Stroke, the energetic Everybody Wants You and the very dark, powerful, brooding Lonely Is the Night.

Lonely Is the Night is ironically playing on the radio right now. It is my favorite song by Billy Squier because it has great guitar work, powerful vocals and a good song message that if you’re feeling lonely at night all you have to do is go outside and find somebody who is just as lonely as you to rock the night away.

Billy Squier had a very promising start to his career with the well received Don’t Say No album. However, after making a couple more good albums Billy Squier quickly dropped off the charts when he made a music video for the song Rock Me Tonight that had him infamously dancing around a room that made many of his fans think he was homosexual due to his flamboyancy, which actually wasn’t true.

Ever since then Billy Squier has had to deal with being second or third tier. However, his Don’t Say No album was his moment in the spot light with most of his great songs including Lonely Is the Night all on the same classic album.