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Here’s my final running song of the day, I promise. Bryan Adams was a soft rock musician during the 1980s, who could be compared to a cross between Tom Petty and Bon Jovi, two of my favorite music groups. He wasn’t nearly as successful as the other two artists, though. I’d more put him along the lines of Billy Squier, only softer.

He had a good voice, some atmospheric guitar and some good songs such as the truthful Somebody, rocking Kids Want To Rock, nostalgic, double entendre Summer of 69 (The funny thing about that song is it doesn’t actually refer to a year, it refers to a position, but I won’t go into any more detail or somebody might try to censor me.)

He also made the dramatic Cuts Like a Knife song and the powerful, dark, brooding, similar in feel to Lonely Is the Night song Run To You. Most of these songs all came from Bryan Adam’s one really good album called Reckless, which is an album classic from the 1980s.

With strong vocals, atmospheric guitar, a mind blowing solo that causes my hair to stand up on end every time I listen to it and the poignant song message about how Bryan Adams might leave a woman, but he will always end up coming running back to her again, this song is an absolute classic.